About Reiki Distance Healing Therapy

Last week I had the fortunate opportunity to meet the Hollywood and TV star Brent Spiner (Data on the Star Trek Next Generation series) at an exposition and explain to him the benefits of Reiki.

Because my body’s natural resources were depleted and my immune system defenseless, I attracted a rare amoeba in my right eye causing blindness for almost a year, and had a heart attack needing heart surgery. My natural defenses were missing in action.

I also know some businesses have a acupuncture sessions in south west london visit their company and have them give a short Reiki treatment as the employers sit at their desks – stress levels go down and productivity increases.

I have used the word treatment a lot, but I wouldn’t want you to think that reiki should be seen as a replacement for conventional medicine. It works by promoting balance and harmony in the body and a Reiki practitioner will never diagnose or offer to treat specific conditions. Rather, reiki works by helping the body to heal itself.

Everyone who experiences Chemotherapy and Radiation knows what a living-hell it can be. Not only is this process of treating cancer a living-nightmare, but this method of curing cancer leaves your body totally depleted of any of the nutritional storage reserve. A cancer ridden-body is anemic which is why the “cancer-gray” pallor is evident on a person who has cancer. Chemotherapy causes anemia. Therefore, Chemotherapy causes the body to have a double-dose of anemia. Many people cannot survive this trauma to the body. They simply do not have enough hemoglobin for the body’s protective cells to do their work.

Our minds are quite complex. Research has shown that our minds hide subconscious thoughts that eat away at our bodies daily even as we sleep. It has been proven that outside influences such as a terrible shock, death, or even financial ruin can cause our minds to leave our immune system open to disease, particularly cancer. We are totally unaware of the goings on of the subconscious mind. Holistic Cancer Cures deal with bringing the subconscious threats to our healthy body, mind and spirit to the surface and allow the “destructive subconscious thoughts” to leave the body forever.

This therapy came into existent back in the year of 1930’s. At that period of time, it was completely intolerable to tamper this system. The therapy was first done by the Emil and Estrid, the two Danish doctors. It was used to cure chronic sinusitis and the immune system. These two physicians introduced it in 1936 to France. Today, the manual lymphatic drainage is broadly practiced in the different parts of the world.

As is obvious from the above case research, that Reiki brings about instant and dramatic improvement in condition of persons affected by depression. It’s also evident from countless testimonials that persons who’ve come out of their despair by using Reiki have not had a recurrence of the same. Many hospitals around the world are recommending Reiki as a parallel system of treatment. Treating depression with Reiki is changing into a recognized follow within hospitals and more so with native doctors. The efficacy and influence of Reiki is greatest understood when it is personally experienced.

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