Five New Year Resolutions For The Family

Odd, isn’t it, that we think that the change of date will somehow mark a new beginning in the way any other day cannot do? We might look at the 31st of December and think tomorrow will be the start of something new. More good stuff or perhaps some good stuff at last. If that’s the case than surely it is all just a mind trick and we could do that any day of the year should we choose to.

Pray daily. Bring your thoughts, praises, concerns, and requests to God every morning (at least). Stop trying to live life all by yourself. Talk to God and He will listen attentively and respond specifically.

Some other employment advice is not to leave the laid off employee hanging. This is certainly a sad time for them. Be compassionate and encouraging. Don’t act as though new year wishes 2019 you don’t care. If there is information you will need from them, get it before their last day of work. Otherwise, it may be difficult to contact them to get what you need.

Have you have ever observed people whose body structure includes a very obese abdomen but a very thin chest, arms and legs in comparison? In other words, they have abdominal obesity but not thoracic or extremities obesity? These are the men who have big “beer” bellies and the women who have that double-spare tire look….a spare tire above the belt line and a spare tire below the belt line.

Make your niche one with a pipeline. Be careful not to pick a tiny niche market that is hard to access. Instead, a good rule of thumb is to look for a niche market with marketing channels already in place. For instance, one successful workshop leader I know targets retirees on the RV-Camping circuit. Many US campgrounds offer classes and other stimulating perks to visitors, and since RV’ers often stay for several nights or even weeks, this makes a workshop a likely hit. She simply has to talk to management, and they put her workshop in place for her. Participants magically show! Hospitals with neighborhood ‘wellness’ programs, bookstores with evening events, and community center Teen programs are also good venues.

Thailand drives on the left side of the road but Thai motorcyclists ride on any side whenever they feel like it. Do not do this. Ride with traffic and obey the laws.

So for this coming year, and in light of these thoughts, I offer you the wish that you will do more of whatever the heck makes you feel whole, whatever makes you feel ‘ah, this is home’. A sense of familiarity and comfort with the job you do and with any luck and a good wind you might also fill your wallet and be of use to others while doing it.

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