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Car maintenance is a crucial issue. However,most of the car owners know that their cars need maintenance only when their cars go wrong, such as they shake, they will not start, and they make noises. It makes the owners waste money for extra fuel before the symptom is obvious. Meanwhile, some others only follow the scheduled maintenance which is recommended. It makes them waste money for replacing the parts which are still able to work for driving for some thousand miles.

Changing the oil is another key component of summer fixd app where to buy. Now, don’t misunderstand: If anything, people have a tendency to change their oil a little too often, spending a lot more money than they really need to. The truth is, many vehicles can go 5,000 or even 10,000 miles between oil changes. In the summer, though, cars are in heavy use, and engines are particularly likely to overheat. That’s why it’s good to play it safe; do in for an oil change before you leave for any long trips by automobile.

The purpose of antifreeze or engine coolant as it’s also called is it car maintenance tips keeps the water in your engine from freezing in the winter and causing severe damage to your engine block and it has anticorrosives in it to prevent your cooling system from corroding and becoming clogged.

The same idea applies in city driving. Speeding up to make the next red light guzzles gas and is hard on your car. This can decrease fuel efficiency by 5%.

Did you know that not servicing your engine regularly can increase fuel consumption of your vehicle by as much as 50%? Auto checks are vital to keeping your engine running smoothly. An engine can fail if some of the components connected to it fails, causing a lot of (expensive) damage. Just changing the dirty spark plugs can lower fuel consumption by 5%!

You’re not limited to just regular car parts at Napa Auto Parts. If you drive a commercial truck, an All Terrain Vehicle, motorcycle, snowmobile or tractor, you can find equipment for your rig. You just need to click on to the Napa PartsPro SE online catalogue. They also list parts for boats and personal watercraft.

All it takes is a few simple checks every month, and you can protect yourself from breaking down in an unfamiliar or remote area. Your safety is that important isn’t it?

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